May 6, 2021

Legendary Damon: The One and Only

AMBASSADOR DIGITAL MAGAZINE Editor- In-Chief Musa Jackson catches up with Celebrity event producer, host, Marketing brand promoter, influencer, master connector and LA/ NYC nightlife icon LEGENDARY DAMON. From Detroit to The most fabulous Celebrity event producer. He has danced with Prince, thrown VIP parties for Janet Jackson.

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    Musa Jackson

From Grammy parties, album launches, His A-List star studded events have included Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, Clive Davis, Lizzo, Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monae, Estelle, Kelis, John Legend, Lil Kim, Diddy, Cynthia Eryvo, Ciara, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Meryl Streep, Karl Lagerfeld, Swizzbeats and Grace Jones. He’s worked with major brands like Essence, Pepsi, Samsung, Netflix, Warner Music Group. An advocate for diversity and equality for all. There is only one Legendary Damon.

TV executive producer, series creator of the upcoming Harlem featured tv series Starz RUN THE WORLD.


MUSA What was it like growing up in Detroit?
L.D. Detroit was great growing up. Being raised in Detroit then moving to New York when I was eighteen. Detroit taught me great morals and a great work ethic. And Detroit has a lot of culture. Very musical. Detroit is very gray or very musical. You can choose to walk towards the gray or walk towards the creativity. I chose the creativity.
MUSA Who were some of your early influences?
L.D. For me it was music 100 percent. It was Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna. And award shows, like MTV Awards, American Music Awards, Grammy Awards were so inspiring to me. Prince, Michael and Madonna were my three favorite singers and aint nothing changed.
MUSA How did you get into celebrity party planning and the events industry?
L.D. My first job in New York City. I moved to New York when I was eighteen. I got a job at this department store which I loved and I got a job at the Limelight Nightclub in the same week. I was in charge of the guest list. Limelight was a hugely notorious nightclub at that time. I was young so I didn’t know how wild and crazy it was. I just started working nightclubs and one thing led to another. I started meeting a lot of people. Started knowing a lot of people. My first event was attaching celebrities to this charity and from there it snowballed.
MUSA Tell us about that night with Prince where he pulled you onstage during a live performance?
L.D. I was a huge Prince fan since I was 6, 7 years old. I go to Prince’s concert at Madison Square Garden with one of my good girl friends. We are probably in the twelfth row, really good seats. I’m minding my business, drinking wine. I set my wine down and look up and Prince is pointing in our section. And I’m looking thinking what hot girl is he pointing to.

So I went up. And Prince tells me where to go. On the side of the stage their are like four steps. And by the second step my body was already involuntarily dancing. I kept thinking I am so ready for this. I wasn’t nervous at all. I strutted on the stage and actually nudged him and was like, “What’s Up Prince?” I was living my best doing runway up and down the stage with Prince. It was great. Prince signals me to take over the stage. It was a great moment. Six month later I was throwing a really successful party at a club called Lotus and my DJ hands me a DVD of a Prince concert. He’s like make sure you watch when you get home. I watched it and it’s that night. I see him he’s definitely pointing towards me. In the video you can see he says no to somebody else then points at me. I didn’t get it in the beginning. I look at my friend and she was crying because she knows he’s pointing to me. And she knows how much I love Prince.

I set my wine down and look up and Prince is pointing in our section.

MUSA You’ve had some of most fantastic parties and events. What is one of your favorite events?
L.D. So I have a huge birthday event that I do every year. Except because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to do last year. I always say my current birthday party is always my favorite. My last one was in 2019 where I came in on a throne and flew up into the air. I went up forty feet in the air and changed into different clothes in the air where no one could see. I then left the building. Every year I always have a surprise performer. Shiela E was the surprise performer. So I learned how to play the timbales. I came back into the party playing “Glamorous Life” on the timbales. Then Shiela E comes out playing on the timbales. So we got to play together which was a childhood dream of mine. I’ve also worked with Janet Jackson a lot. I did her Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Afterparty in 2019. She’s sweet, so reserved and shy.
MUSA You are the most fabulous host. What does it take to put on an epic event?</p> <p>`{` Continue Reading Below `}`

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L.D. First of all its not brain surgery. People freak out over these situations that arise but in the end it’s going to work out fine. I think the most important thing is diversity and a diverse room. It’s a very important part of my success and who I am as a person. Putting people in a room who might not know each other but I know them all so I know they are going to get along great. Then everyone walks away having a great experience. But at the end of the day I say it’s music, attractive people and alcohol that’s all you need.
MUSA As an influencer you use your platform to advocate for causes. Tell us about that and the causes that are important to you?
L.D. I have never been a political person. The last couple of years we’ve had to express ourselves. As a non political person I’ve had to express myself in a way. I stand for all equality causes. Right now we had a crazy thing going on in our world with Asian people. Obviously Black Lives Matter is something that is extremely important to me. I stand with translives, LGBQTIA. I stand with equality for all. I have no qualms saying how I feel. I said before about diversity. With my events I created a world where everybody is literally welcome. And if anyone enters that world and is not okay with that then they have to leave.
MUSA Legendary Damon how did the name come about?
L.D. The reality of is that I had been doing very successful parties for about ten years and the next generation started coming to my parties. The party was really hot. Kanye West was coming, especially in his beginning and the younger generation and I don’t think they were paying me the respect they should have. They were coming to my party as if they owned it. So I said to them you’re going to have to call me Legendary Damon or I’m not having this conversation. And I am now Legendary Damon. The youngins betta recognize.</p> <p>-MUSA JACKSON

Photographer: REESE SHERMAN
Wardrobe courtesy of Legendary Damon 
    1.    Sequin robe – @LegendaryDamon x @inheroswetrust – collaboration
    2.    Yellow outfit – @versace
    3.    Pink suit – custom @KehindeWiley
    4.    Airbrush outfit – custom
    5.    Sequin vest and pants – custom
    6.    Feather hat – @LegendaryDamon x @Bailey_Hats -collaboration

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